About Us

 Master Gardeners (MGs) in the Province of Ontario are experienced gardeners who have studied horticulture extensively and continue to upgrade their skills through technical training. With this training and continuing education, Master Gardeners are volunteers who provide expert horticultural advice to the general public.

Brantford Master Gardeners include Brantford, St. George, Paris, Glen Morris, Waterford, Hamilton, Burford, and Scotland.


History of Ontario Master Gardeners

 The Master Gardener concept was originally created in Washington State (USA) in 1972. Ontario’s first pilot sites began in Brigden, Englehart and London with 39 participants. The next year, Brantford, Stratford, Ottawa, Windsor, Algoma West, Burlington and St. Catharines joined and brought with them another 154 new volunteers. 

More Information

This video will provide a great introduction to The Master Gardeners of Ontario